What Does “Owner Operator” Mean in Trucking?

Becoming a truck driver means having to make a difficult decision: will you be a company driver or an owner operator? Before you can answer that question, however, you must first figure out what it means to be an owner operator. At Real Truckers, we can help you take a step towards your future. We know how best to help truckers in their lifestyle, and we provide resources for real truckers to be their own boss.

Company Truck Driver vs. Owner Operator

What does it mean to be an owner operator? It means that you are in control. Owner operators are essentially running their own small business. This means that you take responsibility for your truck, your finances, and your time. Being an owner operator means that you get to make all of those decisions yourself but it also means dealing with the consequences. Drivers can haul freelance or they can sign a lease agreement to one particular product or service. However they choose to operate, they must make sure they can offset the costs of their higher insurance payments and other expenses. This means that for the owner operator, trucking is a lifestyle.

Company drivers, by comparison, are signed to one specific trucking company. They follow a set schedule and are assigned a truck. They do not spend their own dime on oil or other maintenance because as soon as the job is done, they walk away. This means that, for company drivers, trucking is a job and not something that they carry into the rest of their life. Company driving is often a starting point for many truck drivers to gain experience and build their confidence on the road. Once they have established themselves, however, they move onto being an owner operator.

Which Should You Choose

The only person who can answer this question is you, but there are some ways to tell which will work best for you. For instance, one thing that is important to consider is the obligations that you have outside of work. If you require your time off to be spent with family or taking care of health issues, you may be better off as a company driver. On the other hand, being an owner operator gives you complete freedom to schedule your time the way that you would like.

The other thing to consider is your goal. If you have a specific financial goal in mind, you may benefit from being an owner operator because this will allow you to have more complete control over your financial future. However, you may not want to deal with the additional costs of running your own business, and being a company driver may work better for your savings.

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Becoming an owner operator is a significant decision and it’s not made lightly. At Real Truckers, we support owner operators to run their own business and take charge of their future. We offer resources for truckers to find loads and fuel cards because we know how much they value their independence. If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can help you, get started and apply at Real Truckers today.