How Much Does an Owner Operator Make a Year?

There are many components that determine how much an owner operator makes. While many companies and websites make advertisements saying you could make upwards of six figures, these numbers typically do not take into account the amount that the owner operator spends on maintenance and other expenses. What does that mean for you? It means that your support is going to be critical in keeping your earnings high. Real Truckers can help you take charge of your career and ensure you have the resources to make the most money you can. 

Understanding Owner Operator Costs

When you are an owner operator, you are in charge of everything relating to your trucking business. You have control over when you take free time, what you’re hauling, and what you are hauling it in. This means, however, that you in charge of everything else as well. If your tires are balding on your truck, you will be the one who pays to replace them. If your truck breaks down by the side of the road, you will be the one who has to resolve it and get back on schedule. 

This means that there will be expenses that will take you by surprise in addition to your already high expenses as a small business owner. While you will generally be making significantly more than the company driver, you will also be funneling a large portion of your income back into your trucking business. If you take these expenses into account, you will be left with a more complete picture of what to expect when you become an owner operator.

This should not be a discouragement. Rather, it should fuel you to push yourself and be more strategic about the loads you take on so you can maximize your profit. It should also keep you vigilant over your regular truck maintenance so that you catch soon-to-be disasters before they happen.

Is It Worth It?

With everything that an owner operator deals with, is it worth it to invest in your own business when you could be driving for a company? The answer is yes. While company drivers don’t have to deal with all the unexpected, added costs of owning their own truck, they will never have the potential to earn as much as an owner operator does. This means that, even with the extra expenses, you could still be making double or even triple what company truck drivers make. 

How Much Will You Actually Make?

After looking at all these costs and potential additional expenses, where does that leave you? How much will you actually make at the end of the year? That is up to you. Because being an owner operator truck driver gives you total freedom, this means that the amount of money that you can make in the span of one year is entirely in your hands.

What is important is that you keep in mind your average costs so that you can offset the amount that you spend with the amount that you bring in. Of course, this means extra work for you. However, if you have set financial goals, you are much more likely to reach them when you have the ability to run your own schedule. All it takes is a determined mind and a reliable support system when you are out on the road. By having support with you, you have access to a system that helps you get loads faster so that you don’t waste time–or money.

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Owning and operating your own trucking business can have many benefits, including the amount of money you make. Owner operators make much more than the average company truck drivers, but they have to keep in mind all the other expenses that come with being a small business owner. That is where we can help. Real Truckers knows all about the lifestyle of an owner operator and we are here to offer the resources and services that you need to keep your business moving. We offer fuel cards, trailers, and even assistance with finding your next load. If you are interested in all we have to offer and you would like to learn more about how we can help you, contact us at Real Truckers today.