How Much do Owner Operators Pay for Fuel?

Owner-operators have many expenses. These can range from maintenance costs to the cost of equipment to even the cost of the food that they must eat every day when they are out driving. However, fuel costs can be one of the prominent costs that an owner-operator must deal with. Keeping track of this cost can help you budget for upcoming years and give you a better understanding of what your business’s needs are.

What Does It Cost?

Fuel is typically the largest expense that owner-operators will deal with on any given year. In fact, the average amount that is spent on fuel every year by truckers ranges from $50,000 to $70,000. For you personally, it is best to do a simple calculation to keep track of what your fuel costs will be. All you have to do is to divide the average MPG by the cost of fuel per gallon. Once you have that number, you can multiply by the number of miles that you expect to drive. This will give you your estimated cost per mile. 

Obviously, this cost can vary by trip and load. There are many factors that will affect the cost, so it is best to assess your individual circumstances. This is especially the case if you would like to save money on your fuel costs.

How to Save As An Owner Operator

One key way to save money on fuel costs is to find the “sweet spot” of your engine. This “sweet spot” refers to the RPM that is the most efficient for your engine. This not always something that you can determine on your own, but you can always contact your dealer to find out the specs for your engine.

Another way to save on fuel costs is by utilizing discounted Fuel Cards. These can be beneficial for owner-operators who have a fleet of vehicles, but they can also be useful for individuals. At Real Truckers, we have discount Fuel Cards for truckers to save on fuel costs.

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