How do Owner Operators Find Work?

When you become an owner-operator, you expect to start making money right away, but this is not always the case. You need to be able to find loads so that you are always working. There are many different ways for you to find your next load. You can even employ others to find your next load for you.

However, it is best to be informed about the different methods of finding work so that you are better equipped to make a decision for your business.

Freight Broker

Freight brokers are one of the easy ways to find your next load. This is because freight brokers do the hard work of contacting a shipper to see what they are willing to pay for a load. They will then take this information and search for a driver who is willing to take on that load. The downside to using a freight broker is that they will often negotiate the lowest rate possible for the driver so that they can keep a higher margin of profit. This isn’t fair to you as a driver, so be sure to look for freight brokers that pay you fair rates so that you don’t miss out on the money that you deserve.

Dispatching Service

Another way that drivers can find work is to pay for a dispatching service. These types of services are broken down into two categories: personal dispatchers or a trucking dispatch service. Personal dispatchers will work with you directly so that you never have to wait to get your next load or miss out on a potentially high-paying load. Dispatch services will work with a wide network of truckers and shippers to get the most loads possible.

The benefit of working with a dispatch service is that they can help you handle the paperwork and accounting of your small business. Of course, this not a service that they offer for free. You will need to pay the dispatcher for their service. Typically, this payment can range from a flat rate to a percentage of each load that they help you acquire.

Cold Calling

This method requires the most time invested, but it can lead to a fruitful relationship between the shipper and the trucker. Cold calling is what it sounds like: you, as the business owner, would reach out to local shippers to see if they need an owner-operator to haul their loads. This method is tedious, and there will be a lot of rejection before you get some positive news, but it can be effective. More importantly, it cuts out the middle man, allowing you to keep all of your earnings.

That said, this is a method that may require someone to dedicate their entire day to making calls. A busy owner-operator may not have the time necessary to do this. As such, it may be a method to consider when you have more people on your staff. This way, you can have someone who prospects these shippers for you and the expenses may end up being less than paying a dispatcher or a broker.

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