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This is a digital hub for Real truckers and their loved ones to learn more about the business of trucking and life over the road. If you love the smell of diesel in the morning, the roar of your engine when shifting gears or hitting the jake brake, and living your life on eighteen wheels, then you’re in the right spot. This proud community is a place for RealTruckers who live, eat, sleep and breathe trucking.

Real resources for your life on the road. When you need tips for trucking, turn here for advice about your business, your lifestyle, and just about every other trucking thing you want to know. From dating over the road to pets in your truck, from saving on fuel to saving space with organization, from fitness on the go to fitting time in for family, RealTruckers has got you covered.

Featured 2021-07-13 12:32:00

Roadside Inspections Aren’t So Bad, Are They?

Roadside inspections are one of the less exciting parts of our careers as truckers. Lucky for all our Real Truckers out there, we are here to help with expert advice to help you get through your inspections one by one.

Featured 2021-07-13 12:32:00

The Driver Shortage

Is there really a trucker shortage in America? Or is it a question of doing more to keep America’s drivers happy and on the road for the long term? It’s no secret to Real Truckers that the industry hasn’t been the most kind to us truckers over...


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